Last Comic Standing Picks 9 More Comedians, And Leaves a Great One on the Bench Once Again

Last Comic Standing Picks 9 More Comedians,

Last night Last Comic Standing aired their second invitational round. We only counted twelve performances and nine of them advanced to the next round, which was odd, since last week only about half of the comedians who performed advanced. Last Comic Standing has always been a little unclear on the details about how many get to move on. It was also odd because one of the best performers of the night was one of the three eliminated, more on that in a bit.

Unfortunately for us, Norm wasn’t quite as bizarre with his commentary this week so no top 5 #NormSays quotes this time around. But Norm did have his moments– one where he corrected a contestant’s joke structure, and another where he gave one of his jokes to a comic to try out on stage. Keenan probably beat the other judges for most surprising remark this week when he told KT Tatara that he didn’t know if he was a man or a woman, and Roseanne got into the weird mix telling one of the comics she wanted to slap her because her voice was so annoying.

Which brings us to our let down of the night, which was the judges decision not to advance Chicago’s own Junior Stopka, who arguably had the best set of the night, and most certainly had the most stylin pair of shoes in the theater. We thought he was a lock when Norm said that he loved Stopka, and was looking forward to seeing more of him, but once again, Norm’s prediction of seeing more from a comedian proved to be a bad luck charm.(Last week he told Sam Morril he was looking forward to seeing him in the next round; Sam was eliminated).

Back on the positive side, our favorite performer out of the nine going forward was Tony Baker who delivered a great fun set on doctors, doctor bills, illness and death. You can watch the set below along with Tony’s bio reel. Tony Baker joins eight other comedians who are advancing including Andy Erickson, Greg Warren, Dominique, Francisco Ramos, Cyrus McQueen, KT Tatara, Alicia Cooper and Sami Obeid.

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