Kristen Schaal, Cricket Eater

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.38.48 PM

Kristen Schaal was a guest on Conan Thursday night and she talked about the fun of glamming up for the Emmys and feeling like a princess. She showed off a very glamorous video of her behaving like a pretty pretty princess. Well, if pretty pretty princesses were hilariously funny and didn’t act like princesses.

She also gave a spoiler for Season Two of Last Man on Earth. Schaal’s character, Carol will eat crickets in a future episode. But the real spoiler is that Kristen actually ate crickets. She’s a trooper, and said that she ate the actual crickets because “I will put anything in my mouth for a laugh.” But later she revealed that nobody told her that she could have eaten delicious fake crickets made out of sugar. Forte chickened out and ate fake delicious sugar bugs.

Kristen really wanted to prove that she ate real crickets so she brought some to snack on, and yes, she brought enough to share. Come on Conan. If the sweet pretty pretty princess can eat real crickets you can too. Don’t Forte out on us.

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