Kevin Hart Surprise Appearance on Big Jay Oakerson’s Whats Your F*#cking Deal Could Be the Best Festival Drop in All Year

Kevin Hart Drop in on WYFD is One of the Great Moments of JFL 2018

Last night Big Jay Oakerson had a packed house for his all-crowd work “What’s Your Fucking Deal” Show at the Cafe Cleopatra in Montreal.  It was so packed that comedians were being turned away at the door because the room was at full capacity to see Big Jay and a great lineup that included Ari Shaffir, Laurie Kilmartin, Tony Hinchcliffe, Kareem Green and Mike Britt, but nobody expected to see one of the biggest comedy celebrities in the world–Kevin Hart– drop in to share the stage with Jay and tell some very raunchy stories about their old days coming up in comedy in Philadelphia. It was a festival-stealer if there is such a thing and the crowd went absolutely bananas to see Hart step out of his celebrity persona and hang with the rest of the comics in a good old fashion blue as fuck comedy show. Seeing a mega celebrity like Hart hang with his old buddy, with no pretense, no super star bullshit- it was moment nobody in the room will forget.

When Hart took the stage, worked the crowd a bit staying in the theme of the show with Shaffir on audience mic and Oakerson chiming in, and then he and Jay told a story from the old days that was just absolutely hilarious. It was about a girl that Jay really liked back in the day, and thought was really into him.  “I’m like dude, she’s not what the fuck you think she is,” Hart remembered. “I’m going to prove it to you.”

Jay started the story, saying that the two comics went to pick the girl up with Jay driving, Kevin in the passenger seat. The girl got into the back seat, and Kevin got out and followed her leaving Jay alone in the front.  He describes watching Jay’s eyes in the rearview mirror as he “proved to Jay” that she wasn’t the girl Jay thought she was. “You know how you can see someone’s eyes in the rearview?” he said, before doing a hilarious impression of Jay’s expression as Hart started messing around with her in the backseat, while the girl was letting him know that her nickname was the “headmaster” when she was in school.

“This isn’t famous Kev. This is two shitheads driving around New York City in the back of a fucking Saturn,” Jay reminded the audience, to huge laughs.

“I’m not saying I saw a tear….  I saw Jays eyes…” Kevin said, laughing in that familiar Kevin Hart high pitched laugh, “But he NEVER STOPPED DRIVING!”

The set ended on a really sweet note, with Hart saying that the story will forever be one of the funniest stories of his life, and congratulating Jay on all of the success he’s had. “This road of comedy is a long one with so many different stories and different moments and I can say we shared a lot of fucking moments dude, and I wouldn’t give any of them back.”


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