Kathy Griffin Doxxed TMZ’s Harvey Levin, Outs Andy Cohen and Others in 17 Minute Long Video

Kathy Griffin got dressed up in her Trump beheading blouse this weekend, and created a video trashing TMZ’s Harvey Levin, and giving out his phone number. She posted the video on YouTube.

Levin had called Griffin on Friday afternoon soon after controversy erupted between Griffin and Andy Cohen who is replacing her on CNN’s New Years Eve show. Levin left a voice message, including his phone number, asking Kathy to return his call. The 17 minute video begins with Griffin playing the voice message, intentionally including his phone number. “Hey Kathy, it’s Harvey Levin, how are you. It’s Friday, afternoon. If you have a minute, could you give me a call? I’m at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Hope all is well,” you can hear him say.

Not only did Griffin leave his phone number on the video, Kathy outright asks fans to save the video, repost the video if its taken down, and bother Harvey on his phone. “By the way Harvey, where the fuck did you get my personal cell number and who the fuck do you think you are harassing me on my cell phone, calling me directly? Where did you get my number? Your good friend Lisa Bloom?”

She says she did this because she believes Levin is responsible for “fueling the fire” over the backlash she received after taking a picture with a fake severed Trump head, leading to doxxing, death threats for her and her family and more. Time for Harvey to pick up a few burner phones.

She moves on to explain why Andy Cohen had no right to come after her, and accusing him of wanting to be her. She claims that people like Cohen and Levin go out of their way to take down women. “It feels targeted,” she says. She also claims Andy Cohen, her boss, asked her to do cocaine with him on more than one occasion and then moves on to name some names of women she calls “complicit” in bad behavior. “You didn’t protect me” she said about a list of women.

Jump to 9:00 to hear her call Levin the gay male version of Kellyanne Conway.

If you make it all the way through you’ll also hear her take on agencies, publicity reps, and she names names.

Griffin is not concerned about reprisals. “I ran out of fucks to give,” she says about two-thirds of the way through. But she also claims she’s on the Interpol list, the no fly list, the Five Eyes list and says she’s afraid to fly internationally on her current world tour. “If I just don’t return I just want you guys to know that that’s why. Cause I took a picture of a mask with ketchup on it.”

You can watch the entire video below.

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