Kathy Griffin Claims Double Standard But Says She Will Be a Legend

“I didn’t commit a crime,” she said. “I didn’t rape anybody. I didn’t assault anybody. I didn’t get a DUI. I mean, my God, there are celebrities that fucking kill people,” told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview conducted from her nine bedroom mansion that she calls her “fuck you house”.

In the new cover story, Griffin shares details leading up to releasing the decapitated Trump head photo that has destroyed her career, and talks about the dizzying downward spiral that happened after its release. Griffin tells THR that even friends and family members were upset with her for releasing the photograph. Since then Griffin has made many attempts to repair the damage- apologies, youtube videos, even consulting ‘crisis experts’ for pr help, but says she she is the victim of a double standard. “When you’re a woman, you get one fuckup, and it’s over. When you’re a guy, you get chance after chance after chance,” she said in the interview.

Although platforms like NBC Universal properties and Netflix won’t touch her, she’s confident that will change, even if its not in her lifetime. “The minute I do something that makes money, they will all love me again,” she says. “When I’m dead, I’ll be a legend. But not now.”

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