Is Jon Stewart the Newest Daily Show Correspondent?

Jon Stewart trevor noah daily show

Monday night Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show to thunderous applause with his standard issue post-Late Night beard, and casual clothes. It’s only been four months since Stewart said goodbye to the post he held for decades, but the audience reaction made it clear, it’s never too soon to come back and visit.

Speculating that Stewart might want to come back to help the show? Forget about it. Not only did Jon say no, he said 1,000 times no. But you know, sometimes an ex-late night show host finds himself having an issue bugging him, but without a place to air those issues, you might grow a beard and go crazy.

So wait, Jon wants to occasionally talk about issues that come up on the news, but definitely doesn’t want a daily gig? Anyone else thinking Jon Stewart, Daily Show Correspondent? Break out the contracts and lets get this done!

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