Join us For Walking Dead: March 11

It’s Sunday again which means, fans of The Walking Dead are going to be here at  9pm to live comment during this week’s episode.   Join them!

Still not familiar with The Walking Dead?  What are you waiting for?

The Walking Dead, now in its second season on AMC, delivers week after week. What started as a blockbuster graphic novel by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, is now a hit show on AMC.  The show has breathed new life into the Zombie genre, with just the right balance of drama and horror that fans have been looking for.

So if you like corpses or gripping stories where no character is safe, join in Sunday night.  Only three things you need to know to join in.  Show up at 9pm Sunday night and click on this post, and start commenting.   THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.  And most importantly, zombie rule #1, aim for the head…