Joey Coco Diaz Developing Uncle Joey Sitcom

Joey Coco Diaz could be bringing a multi camera sitcom based on his comedy to Fox. The network gave Diaz a script commitment for “Uncle Joey.” Diaz of course will star in the series written by Sivert Glarum and Michael Jamin. Uncle Joey is inspired by Diaz’s stand up and is about a Cuban immigrant with a troubled past. Uncle Joey gets a second chance at life after moving to an upscale suburb with a plan to raise his young daughter using old school values.

The stand up comedian and actor was born in Havana, Cuba and raised in North Bergen, New Jersey, and hosts the popular podcast “The Church of What’s Happening Now.” He also has appeared on tv in the series “My Name Is Earl”, “The Mentalist”, “Children’s Hospital”, “Maron”, and plenty of others, as well as movies like “Analyze That”, “BASEketball”, “The Longest Yard”and “Taxi.”

Diaz just released his first Netflix special as part of the Degenerates series of half hour episodes.

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