Jimmy Shubert’s Zero Tolerance Out Now!

Jimmy Shubert cannot be contained anymore. He’s done with the thousands of choices in the yogurt aisle, the lack of enthusiasm Americans have for real work, and for stand-up paddle boarding, a sport that is a definite death wish for anyone who gives it a go.

He enjoys a good tirade against grocery store check-out lines and Olive Garden patrons who think they are as skilled as National Geographic photographers with their food selfies. Basically, the brash and bold Shubert has got zero tolerance left for all the nonsense in his unhinged new album of the same title.

You’ve likely seen Shubert on the tube: He had a recurring role on “King of Queens,” he was a finalist on “Last Comic Standing,” and he made several cameos on “Entourage.” Or perhaps you saw him in “Go” as a lollipop-sucking strip club bouncer, or in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alongside Brangelina.

The Philadelphia native who is now LA-based also had a Comical Central Presents special, worked with the legendary Sam Kinison, and showcased at Just for Laughs in Montreal. “Zero Tolerance” is his fourth release with Stand Up! Records. It’s out on May 15.

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