Jim Gaffigan Has Never Really Bombed

The Tonight Show likes to ask comedians, what was the worst you ever bombed. Jim Gaffigan says he never did but he did have a bad experience one time at Governors Comedy Club on Long Island. He was doing one of the late shows when he heard something from the audience that sounded like a moo’ing or a boo’ing. Jim went in to the audience and asked where the moo’ing was coming from. “I discovered where the moo’in was coming from,” he said. “It wwas from a severely handicapped person who was in a hospital bed with a keyboard in front of them going mooooo mooooo and that was how they laughed.” It’s not so much bombing but if you’re not cringing, you have no soul.

Gaffigan also talked about Fathers Day and the awfulness of Fathers day gifts with Fallon last night, and shrrrredded Jimmy’s new childen’s book, asking Fallon, “Were you on the toilet when you wrote this?” Now whose cringing Jimmy?

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