Jesse Joyce Shares His Extra Terry Bradshaw Roast Jokes

Friars Club Roast Terry Bradshaw At ESPN Super Bowl Roast - Inside

As part of Super Bowl week, and to add more comedy to its programming, ESPN hosted the Super Bowl Roast of Terry Bradshaw. There was plenty to make fun of with the 4 time Super Bowl champion including his movie career, his perceived lack of intelligence and his many marriages. He was roasted by host and a panel consisting of people like , , , , , , , , , and .

With so many things to joke about and so little time, there were some jokes that were left over. And who doesn’t enjoy left-overs? This was a bounty of riches. Jesse Joyce who wrote for the ESPN roast has been kind enough to share the extra slams and insults intended for the show that didn’t make it on the air. He tweeted these out @JesseJoyce.  Here’s what Terry and guests would have had to endure if there was time. Enjoy what you missed.

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