Kristin Wiig Does The Tonight Show as Peyton Manning

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.20.16 AM

Thursday night on The Tonight Show, Kristin Wiig showed up dressed as Peyton Manning, and did a full segment with Jimmy answering questions about the Super Bowl, as Peyton Manning.  Sort of., Manning answered some rapid fire questions and we learned that his favorite pregame meal is french fries and toast, favorite color is green-ish, he loves Maroon 5, and shops at Sears. A lot.  And sometimes when he doesn’t want to yell Omaha in the huddle, he yells “give it to me” to get the ball.

The segment ended with Man-wiig showing off that golden arm.  Later “Peyton” and Jimmy talked about how much they like Kristin Wiig and how everyone should go see Zoolander 2, in theaters today.  Peyton said that he loves how Kristin plays the head of the biggest fashion empire in the world, and she’s wearing all kinds of crazy prosthetics and make up.

The real Peyton Manning was on the Tonight Show earlier this week, and oddly enough he did not wear a dress or do sketch comedy, but he did smash raw eggs on his head.  This show just keeps getting weirder.