New Show Spotlights US and Canadian Comics in NYC

The Interrobang is excited to announce a new collaboration between members of the New York and Toronto comedy scenes. Interrobang Presents The Comedy Records Showcase at New York Comedy Club will launch January 8th and happen the first Monday of each following month. The showcases will feature a combination of Canadian and U.S. comedians working with the Toronto-based label.

“I really think Toronto’s one of the top five best cities in the world when it comes to talent and scene,” club co-owner Emilio Savone recently told Interrobang.  “Canadian comics are very similar to New York comics in that they get through lots of jokes and are able to connect with the audience. But they also have their one style and flare to them.”

Comedy Records is run by Toronto comedians Tim Golden and Barry Taylor. When the pair expanded the label to America in 2014 one of their goals was to build the relationship between the New York and Toronto comedy communities. “There’s lots of great talent in both cities and we love the comedians we work with so this will be a fun way to bring them together,” explains Taylor. “Scott, Amy and Emilio at NYCC and everyone at Interrobang are awesome. Working with good, like-minded people is always important to us. We’re pumped for the collaboration.”

The first edition of the showcase will be headlined by Mark DeBonis. DeBonis was born and raised in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough and is moving to Los Angeles in February. His new EP, Man Of A Thousand Words will be released February 2nd and everyone attending the January 8th show will receive an advanced copy with admission. Interrobang spoke with DeBonis about the debut showcase, his international move and other upcoming projects.

The Interrobang: How does performing in New York compare to performing in Toronto?

Mark DeBonis: To me a city is a city, being from Toronto there is really no difference. That being said New York is the mecca of stand up so there is more of a stigma behind any show there from big to small.

The Interrobang: What can comedy fans expect from your new EP?

Mark DeBonis: I would have to say a lot of random stuff that is finally starting to make sense to the general public (I hope) and not just to me.

The Interrobang: What inspired the Kung Fu title?

Mark DeBonis: I love Kung-Fu movies and grew up watching them and last year I really got back into them hard. Pretty much any down time I had I was able to drown myself in Kung Fu thanks to Netflix. I spent an embarrassing amount of hours watching the Bruce Lee Story.

The Interrobang: What other projects do you have coming up in the new year?

Mark DeBonis: At this point stand up will always be the focus of my brain. I’ve been working on some other projects for a while now and am happy to say they’re finally starting to fall into place! I have an App coming out, am working like crazy at promoting and building my 10 Minute Podcast Network and moving to sunny Los Angeles in February.

The Interrobang: Why do you think so many comedians from the Toronto scene move to the U.S.?

Mark DeBonis: It’s hard to say why everyone else is doing it, I know why I am doing it… I love the Toronto scene and will always consider it home. In my opinion it’s the best headquarters to work material and grow but the reality is at some point, no matter where you are you have to move to take your career to the next level. Comfort is the kiss of death in this business.

The Interrobang: What happened at the Comedy Records 3 on 3 Tournament? How will you improve for next year?

Mark DeBonis: The 3 on 3 Tournament was for sure one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with in my adult life. I think as a team we came and gave it 100% but in the end if you give it your all but the other teams are better there is nothing else you can do. I will be training with weighted basketballs again and will be wearing a weighted vest all year.

DeBonis will be joined on January 8th by Giulia Rozzi, Sandra Battaglini, Jay & Eytan, Nathan Macintosh, Alex Pavone  and a few surprise guests. The show starts at 7PM and tickets can be purchased in advance at Use the promo code NAFTA for a discount.

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