Howard Stern Explains Some of Trump’s Issues

Howard Stern has been candid when talking about his old radio pal, Donald Trump. Earlier this week he told Anderson Cooper in an interview, “That Donald Trump is a person who experienced a lot of trauma early on” and could benefit from psychotherapy. Stern particularly pointed to Trumps relationship with his father as the source of that trauma.

Now the radio shock jock is claiming that he has inside information that proves that Trumps campaign for President was nothing more than a publicity stunt. The goal was to up the deal for his NBC show, The Apprentice. Stern says Trump had used the tactic when his first book came out, with the rumor of a White House Run helping to sell books. It worked again to help grow the sales of his second book. According to Stern, Trumps actual run for President was meant to help boost Trump’s fizzling television show.

Trump’s stated motivation for running was that he felt his country needed him. Trump, who takes on anyone that he thinks has dissed him has stayed silent. Smart. Don’t rattle the tiger cage.

Stern’s new book Howard Stern Comes Again is in stores now.

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