Hanz and Franz are Back

State Farm brought Hanz and Franz back (thank god) so Conan asked Kevin Nealon some questions about the classic Saturday Night Live Bit. Hanz and Franz essentially made fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Kevin talked about the time Arnold Schwarzenegger came to guest host Saturday Night Live around the time that the Hanz and Franz bit was going strong. Nealon said that he and Dana Carvey were both terrified to meet Arnold, because the sketch made fun of him. Kevin talks about what happened the night they went to his dressing room to talk to him about appearing in the sketch, and why Hanz and Franz the movie never happened.

Later, Kevin became the second comedian on late night last night to bring up Gary Shandling, and everyone practices their fake laughs. Kevin came on to promote “Laugh Lessons with Kevin Nealon” a project where famous comedians are teachng comedy to kids.

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