Hamptons Neighbors Hate Seinfeld, Call Cops On Lemonade Stand He Set Up With Kids

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Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Busted by Cops

Jerry Seinfeld has a lot of fans — his East Hampton neighbors aren’t among them. Seinfeld set up a lemonade stand with his son and some of his son’s friends to raise money for his Baby Buggy foundation. Page six is reporting that a neighbor called the police for Seinfeld’s peddling and the lemonade heist was shut down since they didn’t have a permit.

Seinfeld’s wife Jessica posted a photo on her instagram writing, “Lemonade dreams crushed by local neighbor but not before raising lots of money for @loverecycled. Thanks to all of our customers and big tippers! 🙋🏼🙌🏾 thanks Xander and Jaden for crushing it today with Julian and Jerry.”

Good luck making money now, Jerry.

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