Gil and George Prank Alan Alda Himself for Opening Night at Oh Hello

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Gurian


Oh, Hello is the hit new Broadway Show at the Lyceum Theatre and last night our own Jeffrey Gurian was there for the opening night excitement. Every night at the Lyceum, a different celebrity is brought out of the audience onto the stage be pranked by Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland. In previews, celebrity prankees have included Fred Savage, Robin Byrd, Seth Meyers and Katie Couric so far (among others).

The big question on everyone’s mind last night was who would be the special guest to receive an over-sized tunafish sandwich on stage. Jeffrey Gurian was in the audience for opening night and revealed it was none other than Alan Alda himself. Fans of Oh, Hello already know Alan Alda is a big part of the show and Faizon and St. Geegland are huge fans of the legendary television and film actor.

“The show seems to have new lines every time I see it and when it came time to do “Too Much Tuna” everyone wondered who the guest would be on this special opening night,” Gurian said. “Turns out it was none other than someone they reference every night in the show, Alan Alda. You could tell they were genuinely excited about having Alan on the show.”

According to Gurian, Alda kept telling Nick and Gil that he had no idea what their characters were talking about with their obscure and/or more current references. “Anyway they finally got him to say it was entirely too much tuna and the place exploded with laughter.” Before allowing Mr. Alda to return to his seat, Gil and George bowed to their idol, and told him how much they appreciated him being on the show. Read more from Jeffrey’s highlights from Opening Night.

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