Full Frontal Episode Review: Samantha Bee Picks Up More Pieces



As regular viewers of Full Frontal, to say nothing of those who could probably benefit from a hit of Pepto Bismol, probably know, the broadcast of the show that aired last night was not the first one to follow the election. The show gave us an extra edition the night of Wednesday, November 9th, in anticipating the shattering of the highest glass ceiling, as opposed to the shattering of American values, as we have come to know them. While that show was maybe not as strong as the one that preceded the election, Samantha Bee and her staff should be complimented on their rapid adjustment from gloat to gasp. All in all, this was a show worth watching. All the segments were strong enough to be considered entertaining, if not insightful.

The longest segment considered the possibilities of Mr. Trump’s staff and cabinet, which is certainly a fitting subject for the time and the situation. As Ms. Bee correctly pointed out, the scariest bit of news was the notion that this Bannon fellow was to be Trump’s chief White House adviser. While the host made it a point to remind us that the prospective appointee is the darling of the “alt. right,” she also shined a light on the hypocritical politicians who considered the man to be fit for the job. Interesting, by the way how suddenly “alt. right” has become PC for skinhead, Nazi or KKK, as in “Well, alt right, then.”

For my part, I am taking an optimistic view. The title Chief White House Adviser carries no mandated power. It is what the President wants it to be. So maybe, just maybe—Bannon is the bone Mr. Trump has chosen to throw to that crowd, and not the guy who will be Trump’s boss, the way Dick Cheney was Bush’s. We can only hope, right?

There was another segment regarding the Syrian refugees, which was one of Ms. Bee’s better interview pieces. As I have pointed out in the past (perhaps needlessly), these often do not work out as well as the presentation pieces, but this one was OK.

In my favorite segment of the show, the host took a look at the sore losers and, to a greater extent, the sore winners of the recent election. It is this segment I am providing as the sample piece. It would be quite droll if the facts behind it were not so unfortunate.

Finally, the show closed with a short extra treat—as it sometimes does. This one involved someone whom the host may be acquainted with, as well as you the viewer, if you are up on what passes today for ancient history.

Happy Thanksgiving, 1 + all. Full Frontal will not be back until December 5th, by which time the last of the leftovers should be gone.

Full Frontal, TBS, November 14, 2016

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