Erik Bergstrom: Seven Selfies

It’s a selfie world, and we’re not going to fight it anymore. So our series, Seven Selfies, asks an artist to share seven photos of themselves, taken by themselves, to share their life. We’ve already featured Danny Lobell, Pete Dominick, Blair Socci, Doug Smith & Matt Wayne, Kurt Braunohler & Lauren Cook, Amanda Duarte, Aunty Donna, Emma Willman, Kate Willett, Ian Fidance, and Gina Brillon! For our tenth edition of Seven Selfies, we’ve got Erik Bergstrom!

Cartoonist and comedian Erik Bergstrom started performing stand up in 2007 in New York City, getting his start at The Creek and the Cave. performed on Late Night with Stephen Colbert earlier this year and his other credits include a Comedy Central Half Hour and cartoon work that’s been featured in The New Yorker.  He’s loved for his gifted writing and poignant delivery and he’s overcome some incredible personal challenges along the way.  He opened up to us about some of those challenges earlier this year- dealing with a diagnoses of Stage IV Hodgkins’ lymphoma, and he’s also been dealing with incredible hardship in his family. .

His new album, Serious Goose, is available now everywhere, including on iTunes.

Follow Erik on social media at @erik_bergstrom! Now on to the selfies…..!

#1 Hosted a show at Cobra Club in Brooklyn with Myka Fox and Max Bruno (who’s on stage and always this blurry). Do it every Friday. Fun fun fun.

#2 On stage at Cobra Club. In 12 years of doing standup I’ve never turned by back to the audience. They can’t be trusted. Jackals, all of them. Luckily I had my camera to keep an eye on them.

#3 This all happened in a 24 hour period, so I slept. I have yet to wear a suit without falling asleep in it.

#4 Before I had cancer I would write 100 jokes a day. I’m getting back into it. The only way my handwriting could make people more comfortable is if I wrote my jokes as ransom notes and tied them to bricks.

#5 This is my girlfriend Rosalind. She’s great and an atheist, yet super into Christmas decorations. This is my first Christmas tree in 13 years and we just decorated it. I’m a fan.

#6 I am the king of romance.

#7 2nd holiday party of the night. This one all comics. Can’t swing a dead cat here without hitting a funny friend who is upset I have a dead cat that I hit them with.

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