Ellen Releases Trailer for Her First Stand Up Special in 15 Years

At one time Ellen DeGeneres was one of the sharpest, fastest, and funniest people performing stand up. Then she left the stage for television pastures, and never really looked back. Her television career skyrocketed when she became the queen of daytime television.  In front of  a massive audience at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, Ellen figures out if she can stay relatable enough to connect with a crowd.

She never quite answers the question but it doesn’t matter. Her audience adores her and stand up proves to be as easy for her as an extended show opening monologue.  Whether it’s telling her story about the obstacles she faced after coming out and losing her first television show, or poking fun at the oddness of her lifestyle now that she’s achieved massive success taking over daytime television, Ellen is always funny.

Ellen DeGeneres is “Relatable” in her debut Netflix original comedy special premiering December 18.


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