Elizabeth Banks Wants You To Enjoy Her WhoHaHa

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Elizabeth Banks Launches WhoHaHa Spotlighting Funny Women

Elizabeth Banks believes if men can do it, they probably learned it from a woman. That’s why she’s started WhoHaHa,  a new viral comedy site that focuses on funny women. The female driven comedy website- a kind of counterpart to FunnyorDie-focuses on ladies making digital comedy content, along with a curation of clips from film and television.

According to the site, “WhoHaha will elevate and spotlight funny women from around the globe who are creating unique and entertaining content, from Amy Schumer and Mindy Kaling to your 15 your old neighbor who just started her own Youtube channel.”

In addition to curating content WhoHaHa is a place to showcase originals created at Banks’ own Playa Vista studio, which include her web series “Really Important Questions,” and “Ask a Badass.” Stars of film, television, social media and stand up mingle throughout the site, although a quick click-around looks a little bit lite on the stand up side of things, with a stronger emphasis on social media stars, like YouTube star Megan McKay, and a lot of different people named Hart (so far we’ve found Hart, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart). Clicking around, you will also see some established stars like SNL’s Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper and Nikki Glaser, some breaking younger stand up and sketch comedians like Aparna Nancherla, Emily Galati, and Nicole Byer.

If you were wondering if the name is a reference to your childhood nickname for girl parts, the answer is yes. “It’s meant to be funny and clever and a little bit racy and silly,” she told AdAge.com. “WhoHaha is a double entendre that’s both a cheeky play on lady parts and a celebration of a more substantive idea. It’s about promoting female voices.”

On the user side, the site is designed to keep you in a constant flow of something new to click on rather than a traditional navigation– kind of a time wasters paradise. We clicked through a mix of trailers, late night performances, viral videos, SNL clips, and original videos plus tweets from funny women like Abbi Crutchfield, Shelby Fero, Megan Amram mingled in with others.

On the creator side, Banks wants to be a mentor, helping to bring more women into the comedy fold in Hollywood. She told AdAge, “Believe us when we tell you that it’s not equal and it’s hard and you will be held to higher standards and you have to work hard and you have to stay committed. I was told growing up, ‘The world is your oyster and you can be whatever you want.’ The fact of the matter is, that is empirically untrue for most women. We need those barriers to be broken down by young people, as well as us seasoned pros.”

There’s also the huge opportunity to brand toward women. Although the site is launching ad free, product integration is coming.

You can read more from Banks about her new platform in an interview with AdAge, where she talks about her plans for the platform.