Doug Stanhope Signs Book Deal

doug stanhope book deal

Da Capo Press has announced the publishing company has signed a book deal with Doug Stanhope. Doug’s new memoir due out in April, 2016 is the story of a boy and his mother. Or if you go by Doug Stanhope’s description of his mom, Bonnie Kirk, it’s the story of a boy and his “attention seeker, hoarder, avid alcoholic turned AA addict, truck stop waitress, truck driver and aspiring regional theater actress”.

Doug is going to write about his dysfunctional relationship with “Mother”. It’s a relationship that became more complicated when she moved in with Doug in his Hollywood home. Their lives kept colliding through failed marriages, working the program and Doug’s success in show business. The end result is comedy. Look for Doug’s (so far, untitled) book in Spring, 2016.

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