Doug Smith Performs Stand Up on Conan

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.40.18 AM

Comedian Doug Smith made his late night television debut Monday night on Conan. Smith did great, getting big laughs and applause breaks from Conan’s audience. He talked about a huge typo, adopted siblings, a famous ancestor, and why he never wanted to go to sleep as a kid. You’ll also learn why his dad only has one eye.

You might remember Doug as the creator of the web series Secret Weapon which was inspired by a real life attack. Smith was a genuine hero who interceded when he saw a woman being assaulted. Thanks to Smith, the woman got away and the man went to jail, but in the process Smith got himself 23 stitches, a scar on his face and inspiration for a web series (read more about that here).

Doug is incredibly funny and one of our favorite young New York comics, follow him @whodougsmith


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