Dice is Headlining in a NYC Club For the First Time in Decades

Andrew Dice Clay is on over here now, and over there now and over there too. He’s everywhere. And he’s not sticking to any formulas for how to tour as a stand up; Dice makes up his own rules. Like touring as Mr. and Mrs. America with Roseanne Barr, for one example.

He’s also just announced he’s headlining a New York City comedy club for the first time in decades and he’s doing it Dice style. Dice is headlining the newly reopened and totally transformed Stand Comedy Club in New York City. Tickets aren’t cheap for a club show– they range from $120 to $150 a pop– but that wouldn’t be an unusual price to charge for a theater act, and Dice is uncontrovertibly a theater act. So fans will likely rush to get the chance to see Dice’s show in an intimate club setting.

For die-hard fans, Dice is offering a true dazzle package– an even bigger opportunity to get up close with the Diceman. In true Dice Style, the club is offering an unprecedented “Get Naked with Dice VIP Experience” that is so exclusive, you need a code just to get more information. The all access post-show event is sponsored by Naked Grouse Whiskey and includes a hang in a fully catered private room with no more than 20 people joining you. That’s access. It will set you back $1000 bucks but if you’re looking for the birthday gift of lifetime for someone you love- this is the kind of generosity that will blow someone away (and probably put them forever in your debt).

The Stand usually doesn’t book headliner weekends– comedy fans come to the Stand to see headliners and younger up and coming comics perform on showcase style shows featuring a host and five to six comedians most nights. But Dice is different. And when he dropped in on the club on August 8th to do an unplanned set, the club’s owners were floored. Andrew Dice Clay isn’t just another legendary comedian to the owners of the club, he’s actually the reason the club exists.

Milligan wrote on his Cringe Humor Instagram account, “[Dice is] the reason that somehow myself and [co-owner Chris Italia] met.” Milligan explained that the owners of the club grew up on Dice, and the Jerky Boys and HBO comedy specials. One of the club’s owners dealt with “terrible trauma” growing up by listening to Dice albums. And he said the two friends and partners would regularly quote “The Day The Laughter Died” which Milligan says is “the greatest comedy album ever released.” They absolutely thrilled to have Dice headline at the venue that they have worked so hard to build.

Dice dropped in at the club less than a week after tragedy struck. As everyone in comedy now knows, the Stand lost one of its partners- Dave Kimowitz- under the most horrific of circumstances on on August 3rd. The death has been devastating not only for Kimowitz’s three partners- Patrick, Cris and Paul Italia- but for the entire staff of The Stand. Fulfilling a club dream so soon after losing his partner was an emotional maelstrom for the partners. Patrick described how the moment affected him. He had been on the couch when Italia texted him that Dice was at the club. “I immediately began smiling and explaining what a moment this is for us. I then remembered that Dave isn’t there to enjoy this with us,” he wrote. “I’ve managed to keep tears in since the brutal news came through on Saturday. This was the first moment I completely broke down. It was an overwhelming mix of joy and sadness. What a fucking business.”

Dice headlining at The Stand goes down September 25, 26 and 27. Go to TheStandNYC for tickets. Use code HOURBACK, there’s only 420 tickets available for all the shows combined.

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