Denver Bronco John Moffitt Walks Away from His Million Dollar Contract

Denver Bronco third year guard John Moffitt has decided to...

Denver Bronco third year guard John Moffitt has decided to retire from football, leaving $1 million dollars on the table in his existing contract. He had this to say in a phone interview:

“I just really thought about it and decided I’m not happy. I’m not happy at all. And I think it’s really madness to risk your body, risk your well-being and risk your happiness for money.

“Everybody, they just don’t get it and they think it’s crazy. But I think what I was doing is crazy.”

“I don’t care about the Super Bowl. I don’t. I used to. I mean, anytime I played this game, I gave my heart to it and I’m a person that does thing with his heart. … I don’t need the Super Bowl experience. I played in great stadiums and I played against great players. And I had that experience and it’s enough.”

Hopefully it won’t come out that Peyton Manning was bullying him and calling him half a…well, you know.


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