David Brenner, Still Making People Laugh Over a Year After His Death

david brenner headstone

David Brenner, a brilliant comedian in life, is still making people laugh in death. On Sunday Elayne Boosler tweeted this photo of Brenner’s headstone, which was sent to her by her good friend Jimmy J.J. Walker. As specified in his will, Brenner’s headstone says “Here Lies DAVID BRENNER.  He lived. He died. But man did he live!” The backside of Brenner’s headstone reads “If this is supposed to be a joke – I don’t get it!”

In May of 2014 it was revealed that Brenner also left some laughs in his will, which in addition to specifying his epitaph, requested ” a very modest burial, no fancy box, no pillow (you think at a time like this I’m worried about a headache?), no special suit (jeans and nice shirt will be fine, but make sure my high-top sneakers are tied properly).” He also asked that one hundred dollars in small bills be placed in his left sock “(just in case tipping is recommended where I’m going)” and asked that he be buried in or as close to New York City as possible “because this is the city of my dreams, my best times, my heart and my life.”

Brenner, who passed away in March of 2014 was a genuine comedy legend. Brenner held the record for most appearances on the Tonight Show with over 150 visits. He had an incredible career, and many credit Brenner as the inventor of observational comedy.

The night Brenner passed, dozens of friends and fellow comedians called in to SiriusXM to pay tribute to Brenner on a nearly three hour special edition of the Ron and Fez show. Some of the people who called in to honor Brenner include Bobby Slayton, Jimmy JJ Walker, Gary Gulman, Kevin Pollak, Budd Friedman from the Improv, Chris Mazzilli the owner of Gotham Comedy Club, Jeffrey Gurian, Eddie Brill, Rick Newman who started Catch a Rising Star, Alan Zweibel and Bernie Furshpan, the owner of the Metropolitan Room.

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