Coming Soon: Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man”

irrational man

Everyone at the Braylen College is concerned about the new philosophy professor. That’s how the new film “Irrational Man”, written and directed by Woody Allen, begins. Joaquin Phoenix plays Professor Abe Lucas who is having every kind of mental, emotional and philosophical crisis. He can’t work, write, think or anything else, but drink. That’s until he starts a relationship with one of his students played by Emma Stone. She’s on a mission to help him through his despair, but when Abe’s dark cloud lifts, she not sure she has the same feelings for the new happy professor. “Irrational Man” also stars Parker Posey and Jamie Blackley. The Woody Allen comedy screens at the Cannes Film Festival next month and opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, July 24th.

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