Colin Quinn Has a Lot of Complaints for Jimmy Fallon

Last night, Colin Quinn’s appearance was a good reason to check out The Tonight Show, and don’t be put off by Quinn’s grumpy list of complaints- its why we love him. CQ’s list starts right off the bat with the Tonight Show’s failure to provide adequate (any) transportation to 30 Rock, followed up by comedy legend Richard Lewis putting a curse on him and a promising basketball career. But there’s more, like why can’t Colin get a commercial for heart attack survivors? Why can’t Jimmy Fallon properly promote Colin’s show? Why has the Tonight Show merchandising gone batshit crazy?

Quinn of course appeared on The Tonight Show to promote his newest one man show, Red State Blue State which just extended its run at the Minetta Lane. The show is about how the country is on the verge, on the precipice, he explains, of a break up.

But don’t skip the end, where Colin gives those of you who can’t make it to NY a little present. Jump to 10:40 to watch Colin give his Trump impression, which is actually an impression of the founding fathers if they sounded like Trump.

Watch CQ talk it up with James Fallon on the Tonight Show.

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