Chris Gethard Show Returning With a Big First Guest

Next week, The Chris Gethard Show returns to truTV with 10 new episodes, all but guaranteed to be off-the-rails episodes. The midseason premiere is approaching and Gethard got a big big guest to join him for his first show back after the break. Broad City star Abbi Jacobson will join Gethard and crew on Tuesday March 20th at 11pm and Chris is prepared to be in his “discomfort” zone because the last time Abbi was on the show things got nuts.

We’re so excited that Chris Gethard is back to continue pushing boundaries, ignoring formats and convention, and spending each week on the verge of chaos as he attempts and fails to wrangle his celebrity guests, his motley wonderful mess of a studio audience and all of his beautifully bizarre regular friends and callers.

Gethard developed his series as a NYC public access show, and while many networks wanted to air a contained version The Chris Gethard Show, only truTV has allowed Chris to be exactly what he wants to be- the ringmaster of a live anything-can-happen jumble of stars, fans, and hangers on. Some of Chris’ A-list celebrity guests including Method Man, Ellie Kemper, P. Diddy, John Oliver, Paul Giamatti and more.

The series is produced by Funny Or Die. Zach Galifianakis, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Owen Burke, J.D. Amato, Brian Stern and Gethard serve as executive producers.

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