Chris Gethard Performed a Scene From His One Man Show on Colbert


If you love Chris Gethard, but are too poor for theater tickets or perhaps you’re just gun shy about purchasing tickets to something without seeing a trailer, you will be thrilled to know that now is your chance to see a scene from Chris’s off-Broadway play.

Tuesday night on the Late Show, Gethard treated Stephen Colbert’s audience to a scene from his amazing one man show, Chris Gethard: Career Suicide. Chris showed up complete with his backdrop and the rug that comprise his entire set, and proceeded to share one of the funniest parts of his live show- a story about a crazy night of binge drinking, blackouts and for some reason, a Batman mask. As funny as the story is, it’s serious stuff, exposing pain and problems in Gethard’s life, and the story was also behind Gethard’s discovery, with his therapist, that he did not have a healthy relationship with alcohol. But Career Suicide is all about finding a way to laugh at life’s dark moments, and this story is a perfect example of that. Watch the clip below, but then do yourself a favor and see the scene as it is meant to be seen- in context of the entire show at the Lynn Redgrave Theater. (Read our full review here)

After sharing the scene from his show, Gethard talked a little bit about how the people in his life responded to his show. His father, who Chris describes as “not an emotional man at all” told him, “funny show, bud.”

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