Chevy Chase: History of an Asshole

If you grew up on Chevy Chase movies you probably think of him as a lovable funny guy. People who have worked with him remember him quite differently. An asshole. has put together a long list of his asshole behavior and the people he’s pissed off along the way. After reviewing the list you may not think that he is an asshole but you’ll have to agree he is a dick.

Go over to to find out how he pissed off John Belushi, Al Franken, Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, and basically the whole cast and writing staff of Saturday Night Live, Johnny Carson, Lorne Michaels, Jacqueline Carlin, Jane Curtin, Bill Murray, Terry Sweeney, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Lovitz and the cast of the SNL 1985-1986 season, t he entire television-viewing public of the Chevy Chase Show, Howard Stern, Will Ferrell and the cast of the SNL 1996-1997 season, Bill Maher and NYPD Blue creator Stephen Bochco, Comedian Rob Huebel, Kevin Smith, Dan Harmon, Dino Stamatopoulos and much of the Community cast, Yvette Brown, and Alison Brie, Megan Ganz and probably most of Community’s female staff.