Carol Burnett is the Highlight of the 2019 Golden Globes

Carol Burnett thanked the Hollywood Foreign Press Sunday night for the first annual Carol Burnett Award honoring her achievements in television at the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

She talked about loving movies, and falling in love with television when she got her first set in her teen years. “Those childhood dreams came true- sometimes on the big screen but primarily on television on a comedy variety show that half a century later still connects with people in a way that makes me very proud. Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about being young again and doing it all over. And then I bring myself up short when I realize how incredibly fortunate I was to be there at the right time. Because what we did then couldn’t be done today.” Burnett said the cost alone would be prohibitive listing the incredible elements of the weekly series like a 28 piece live orchestra, 12 dancers, 65 costumes a week. She thanked Harvey Korman, Vicky Lawrence, Lyle Wagner, Tim Conway, and the crew.

She dedicated the award to all of those who made her dreams come true and those who share her love for television. And closed her speech with her signature ear tug- a message to her grandmother who raised her- and her outtro, I’m so glad we had this time together.

Niagara Falls.

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