Bro Watch, the Highly Anticipated New Big Brother Podcast, Releases It’s Most Controversial Episode Yet

They started as brothers– Big Brothers– but then one of them stopped being so big, and now they’ve gone their separate ways.

After being left out of the premiere episode of our Big Brothers podcast “Big Brothers”, Christopher Pepper Hicks Stanley is going solo with “Bro Watch” a new podcast about the best reality television show in the world.

This week in Episode 2, “Sex Guys and Internet Feeds,” Bro Watch has promised a lot.

In the most scandalous and sex filled episode of Bro Watch ever, Chris Stanley breaks down who’s sleeping with who, what showmances are tearing the house apart and the RACISM and MISOGYNY that’s making everyone hate each other. Bro Watch’s description says “You’ve never heard a podcast like this before and you won’t ever again.”

Looks like host Chris Stanley is keeping his promise not to kiss network ass with his new hot Big Brothers Big Podcast.

Listen below or in iTunes, and also now on Google Play.