Bro Watch, the Highly Anticipated New Big Brother Podcast, Is Here

They started as brothers– Big Brothers– but then one of them stopped being so big, and now they’ve gone their separate ways.

After being left out of the premiere episode of our Big Brothers podcast “Big Brothers”, Christopher Pepper Hicks Stanley is going solo with “Bro Watch” a new podcast about the best reality television show in the world.

As Stanley wrote in his episode description: The Bro Watch podcast launches big time for the first week of Big Brother 21. The only Big Brother podcast you’ll ever need to listen to. 20 minutes a week, fast and furious, this will blow your mind. A Big Brother podcast so good you don’t even need to watch the show to enjoy it.

The newest BBP has not yet been approved by iTunes, but we’re not making you wait. Listen to “Bro Watch – The Beginning” now, exlusively right here on

(you can still listen to the o.g. Big Brothers podcast, right here on The IBang and on iTunes).

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