Bro Watch, the Beloved New Big Brother (and more) Podcast, Drops Episode 4: Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be A Dick

They started as brothers– Big Brothers– but then one of them stopped being so big, and now they’ve gone their separate ways.

After being left out of the premiere episode of our Big Brothers podcast “Big Brothers”, Christopher Pepper Hicks Stanley is going solo with “Bro Watch” a new podcast about the best reality television show in the world.

This week in Episode 3, “Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be a Dick” Bro Watch has the fastest Big Brother episode on the internet to go over all the important details.

Life moves on in the Big Brother House in sunny California but maybe not for the rest of us. Chris Stanley calls out Julie Chen Moonves, celebrates the mastermind that is Cliff and finally comes to terms with the racism that’s permeated the house. You can’t miss this because it’s all you’ll ever need so why not start now?

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