We’re Bringing Street Jokes Back! Live at The Stand! Get Tickets! And Exclamation Points!

We had so much fun with our first Street Jokes Show that we are teaming up with Ron and Gail Bennington again to bring it back to The Stand.  Back in late February we had our first Street Jokes Live and it was a giant success with comedians Joe List, Pete Lee, Greg Stone and Luis J. Gomez. We have a whole new panel this time around and lots of surprises.

There’s an art to telling a great street joke, and it’s a talent that is largely underappreciated. We love street jokes and we want to bring them to a stage. No judges, no competition, just a night of comedy with two of our favorite funny people in New York- Ron and Gail Bennington and a team of New York’s funniest comedians making you laugh. Can New York’s best stand up comedians tell a great street joke?  We’ll find out.

It’s all going down at The Stand Comedy Club on Thursday June 29, 2017 at 8pm. You’ll need a ticket, but they’re free, and you can only get them here. Submit your requests fast, the show will sell out! Please do not request tickets twice, we will get back to you.

Doors at 7pm, don’t be late!



Street Jokes Ticket Request Form June

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