Brian Regan Has a Sketch Show Coming to Netflix

Brian Regan has proven to the world that he’s one of the greatest stand up writers and performers of our lifetime and one of the most unrecognized by the general public. There isn’t a comedian performing today who doesn’t pay homage to Regan’s greatness. The only mystery of Brian’s career is why he has never taken all of his genius and translated it to television outside of the stand up realm.

Last year we finally got to see a peek at what Brian has to offer beyond the stand up stage with his supporting performance as Mugsy in the series Loudermilk, but this Christmas Brian has a brand new and much bigger present for his many fans. He’s got a sketch special coming to Netflix and it arrives on Christmas Eve.

Regan revealed the news on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week. He’s teamed up with Jerry Seinfeld for a sketch show that is going to incorporate some of Regan’s classic and beloved bits. It’s called “Stand Up and Away” and it was created in tandem with Jerry Seinfeld (who also brought us the genesis of the Colin Quinn one man show). “I wanted to do a show that’s a sketch show but that the sketches are set up by stand up bits. Some of the older stand up bits that I’ve done. So I do those and they lead in to sketches.” He pitched the idea to Jerry, who said, alright lets do it.

Regan shared a clip from the new special, based on a bit about being in New York City in a restaurant, where the tables are uncomfortably close together. You guessed it, Brian’s playing Brian, because who else could?

Coming to Netflix, Christmas Eve.

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