Bo Burnham’s Eight Grade Grabs the Upset at Writers Guild Awards

Bo Burnham got a big upset win for best original screenplay at the WGA Awards over the weekend. The comedian and filmmaker won for his first feature film, Eight Grade, which has been praised by critics for its exceptional portrayal of the life of the modern middle schooler. Burnham beat some big competition including Vice, Green Brook, Roma and A Quiet Place. Last night’s WGA awards has split the field, making Oscar predictions more difficult.

Burnham also took the award for Best First Time Director at the Directors Guild Awards.

Eight Grade currently has a 99% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If you think you might know who the hold out is, you’re not wrong, but Armond White isn’t the only critic who panned the film. The New Yorker also prevented Burnham from getting that perfect 100.

The Writers Guild Awards is a bicoastal event and was hosted by both Chelsea Peretti (west) and Roy Wood Jr. (east).

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