Bo Burnham Has a Message For You in New Special: No One Gives a Shit What You Think

bo burnham

YouTube and Stand Up sensation Bo Burnham has a very unique trailer for his new comedy special “Make Happy.” First of all, its one of the only trailers you’ll see for an hour special with background music, and a (sort of) self help message. Bo wants you to know that no one gives a shit what you think, and a privileged life, plus luck, still equals unhappiness.

Burnham has a massive YouTube following but he isn’t just another YouTuber calling himself a comic. He released his debut album with Comedy Central records and aired his first live comedy special on Comedy Central when he was only 18 making him the youngest comedian to ever record a special with the network. His second special was released on Netflix and he’s about to release his third, “Make Happy” also on Netflix. Burnham combines music, stand up, poetry, and more in his often sold out shows, and created the MTV series “Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.” The new special was filmed at the Capitol Theatre in New York.

Bo Burnham’s upcoming Netflix comedy special, debuts Friday, June 3. Watch the trailer now.

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