Billy Crystal Talks About Robin Williams on the Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon and Billy Crystal talked about losing Robin on the Tonight Show last night. Billy explained how difficult it was to give a tribute to his closest friend, Robin Williams at the Emmys only two weeks after he had passed away. You can hear how pained Billy still is, talking about Robin’s death now, two months later. Billy told Jimmy, “Just even saying he ‘was’ is very hard for me.”

Fallon shared one of his favorite stories about knowing Robin, which took place on a bus to DC, when Billy was getting the Mark Twain Award. Rob Reiner, Jon Lovitz, Danny Devito, Martin Short, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Jimmy Fallon were all on the bus. Before they could enter the Kennedy Center, a bomb sniffing dog was brought on the bus for security reasons. Fallon remembered how hard he laughed when Williams quipped, “oh I hope there’s no copies of my movies on this bus. Quick everyone throw Popeye out of the weekend.” Rob Reiner added, “do they have any copies of North?” Fallon said they’d need to chuck any copies of any movies he was in, and John Lovitz said, “I never made any bombs.”

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