Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies Help Explain Why Firing Shane Gillis Was a Shit Move

One of the most disappointing elements of the debate over Shane Gillis came from seeing a handful of big name headlining or celebrity comedians support the effort to cancel him. Some of those comedians who attacked Shane had in their own recent pasts, been accused of offensive statements, tweets, jokes or behavior, making it particularly egregious. But two of the best stand up comedians in the world spoke up on Monday, denouncing the decision to fire Shane Gillis from Saturday Night Live.

Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies discussed the controversy on an all new episode of Lights Out With David Spade.

“This is just cancel culture, the guy shouldn’t have been fired,” Jim Jefferies said. We gonna go through everyone’s history? Are we going to get rid of every SNL sketch that has to do with race, he said reminding us of John Belushi’s samurai sketch (which SNL still runs, by the way), or Mike Myer’s racial game show host.

“If you say something like that you can’t work on a sketch show but its okay to work on a lumberyard,” Bill Burr added. “We’re not running for office when is this fucking going to end.” Burr blamed millennials, saying, none of them care, they only want to get people in trouble.

Spade at first wasn’t going to comment but did point out that we never used to rush back through someone’s history as soon as they got hired by SNL.

Both guests agreed that you could go through just about anyone’s history and find something unsavory.

Listen to the clip below. Support live comedy. Don’t support knee jerk reactions, because it feels suspiciously like a witch hunt.

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