Big Jay Oakerson Fight Update: Audience Confrontation Caught on Video

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Video of Big Jay Oakerson and William Stephenson Audience Confrontation

Sunday we wrote a story about a fight Big Jay Oakerson had with the owner of New York City’s legendary club, The Comic Strip.

Big Jay had posted on his twitter the details of an ugly argument that started when Jay stepped in to break up a fight that another comic– William Stephenson– got into with an audience member.  Jay tweeted that Stephenson had gotten into a fight with a disruptive audience member, calling her a cunt.  Her boyfriend got up and got physical with Stephenson, and since the club had no security, Jay stepped in.  Later when Jay got on stage to do his own set, he had some unkind words to say about the club and the situation.  Jay tweeted that the club’s owner later texted him and banned him from the Comic Strip for life, but it didn’t end there.  According to Jay, he also threatened to do everything he could to ban Jay from all New York Clubs.  You can read all the details here.

The audience confrontation was caught on video by The Comic’s Comic (see below, and read more here), released on YouTube today. The video shows Stephenson doing a raffle and getting in a confrontation with an audience.  You can also see the woman’s boyfriend stepping up on stage, and Big Jay intervening.

Video Credit: The Comic’s Comic on YouTube

Comic Strip Owner Richie Tienken Says He’ll Leave the Country if Oakerson Ever Becomes a Star

The club’s owner, Richie Tienken also posted on Facebook publicly acknowledging the fight.  He wrote a public post on William Stephenson’s Facebook wall indicting both William and Big Jay, and referring to Stephenson calling an audience member a cunt. Tienken says if Oakerson ever becomes a star, he’s leaving the country. Here is his post.

“Let me make this perfectly clear.The Comic Strip opened in June of 1976.There were only 2 other clubs “Catch”and The Improv”.They had the top comics in the country who went on to become the biggest stars in the USAThe Strip was fortunate enough to get the top stars of today,Seinfeld,Reiser,Romano,Sandler.Rock,Murphy,Miller,Quinn and many moreNone of them used the Cword in or outside their act.Its a disgusting word and a blatant insult to Women,Wives,Mothers Grandmothers,Daughters,Grandaughters and Sisters and any female that hears it.The Strip never tolerated the use of it or any words like it and never will as long as I own it.The other nite you choose to call a female patron that word,because she had her shoes off and her feet on her boyfriends lap.You also refused to give her the raffle that she won fair and square.The Strip will not tolorate that behavior so you will never work there again,also Jay Oakerson,who claimed he came to your defense when her boyfriend wanted to beat the crap out of you for that remark,as he should have,Oakerson then went on to degrade the Club to the audience.while still accepting my money.Well good for him because he and anybody else Comic or not that agrees with you and him will never get paid by the club again.Im compelled to say that if Oakerson ever becomes star .Im leaving this will only mean the country is finished and our morals have gone up in flames.Ask Oakerson to get you work at 1 of the clubs that are so much better then The Strip.Enough said Goodbye”

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