Big Brothers Episode 11: Julie Chen Moonves

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Spoiler Alert!

Finally, all the Big Brothers are back together in studio for another episode in season 20. “Power of” Vito, Chris Stanley and Big Brother 13’s Adam Poch are here to give you the rundown and everything that happened this week.

The Big Brothers are back in studio together this week with “Power of” Vito, Chris Stanley and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) all talking about this week on the feeds and online. This week was everyone’s favorite week in the Big Brother house … Double Eviction. Here’s what the Big Brothers discuss this week.

“Julie Chen Moonves”. Is this the end of Julie Chen on Big Brother? Do we think she will be back next week?

“SaveBBUS” – Is Big Brother in danger of getting canceled after this year? Do we think the show will go on and where could it possibly end up.

Is Tyler sending Brett to jury his strongest game move yet? Will this turn the jury for him or against him?

Is this Tyler and Angela showmance the worst thing for their games?

Will Tyler cut Angela at the end and take Kaycee? What is his best move.

Brett’s goodbye message, was this a Paul level mistake or was there a deeper plan for other houseguests to set that up?

Adam gave Haleigh tofurkey of the week. Vito comes to her defense and says why he thinks she is one of the better players and how she could have went farther in this game.

Are the videos from home a good thing or a bad thing? Was the call from home houseguests used to get better for the show.

JC’s family issues and video from home

Are late double evictions less exciting because the houseguests are expecting it and it comes off less frantic? Do they have too much time to plan for what they will do in a double eviction now?

Is “Blockstar” The best nickname in Big Brother history

Listener question: What comp would JC win

Is blockstar the best nickname?

Vito and Chris ask Adam why the photo going grey is so dramatic.

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