Big Brothers! BB21: Epsiode 5 Scottie Salton (Big Brother 20) Calls In!

This week’s Big Brothers has “Power of” Vito Calise and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) talking to Scottie Salton on the phone. Scottie was on Big Brother 20 and was a part of some pivotal moments in the game like breaking up the bros (Brett and Winston) by winning Head of Household and Power of Veto in one week and sending Winston home. Scottie also got lots of attention for throwing in a hinky vote and sending his ally Swaggy C home while wearing the guys shirt! Vito and Adam start the episode off by giving you a quick recap of what happened on the show last week and what looks like may be going down this week.

This Weeks Topics Include

A Recap of the Last 2 Weeks

Cliff’s HoH – Was it a total flop? What else could he have done.

Christie – Where does she stand in the house?

Is there anything exciting that could really shake this game up?

The Minimal Strategy of this current season.

Topics With Scottie

Friendship With Big Brother 20 house guests after the show ends.

How Scottie likes this season as a longtime fan on the game

Scottie talks about his HoH and how the CBS show edited his thought process vs reality.

Cliff’s HoH compared to Fessy’s

How Scotty likes this season so far

The bizarre amount of dog fans in this cast

How much happened this season vs last season

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