Big Brothers! BB21: Epsiode 4 The Shaker Cup Shakeup

This week on Big Brothers, Vito Calise and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) waste no time jumping into game talk. The big chunk of today’s episode has to do with the CBS edit and if it is changing for the better. As live feeders know, Jack has been a tyrant running rampant in the house and spewing hate, for the first time this week we saw that side of him on the CBS primetime show instead of the hero edit we’ve seen. His weird moment with Kemi over a water bottle in the fridge was the first time the casual viewer got to see how much of a jerk this guy can be. But there was plenty more talked about on this week’s episode.

Other Topics

Jack saved his beard and Adam gives insight onto how this effects production and what the rules are with changing your appearance inside the house.

Cliff winning the camp comeback challenge and the HoH. What does this mean for the game? Will we see a power shift or another week of disappointment,.

Was it smart for the 6 shooters to expose them turning on their alliance to try and get someone like Cliff out or should they have waited for a bigger move?

Christie’s freak out. Is this strategy or is it just like Vanessa in season 17 where we keep waiting for these DR sessions saying it’s strategy that never come.

Kate Game: She seems to be the most likable person in the house right now from the outside but how is her actual gameplay? Adam and Vito get into her game and talk about an alliance she’s in that you are not seeing on the CBS show.

Week 1 nominees/targets and how they seem to stick around and fade off into the background and make it a long time into the game. The Big Brothers give some examples from the past.

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