Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Podcast Episode 8 Now Available

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Episode 8: He’s Just A Sweet ScottVestite


One this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany, “Power of” Vito and Chris discuss the extra craziness that has been going on since we last talked to you about Big Brother Over the Top. We find out who Kryssie put up on the block, which was Morgan and Scott (no shock there). America’s nominee ended up being Neeley, leaving the three nominees to be Scott, Morgan and Neeley.

The guys talk about the intense and close Power of Veto competition that could have a huge impact on the self proclaimed “Ball Smasher” alliance. The veto was won by Morgan by only about 20 seconds over Scott, leaving Scott’s fate in the hands of his social game. His social game this week had gone from nerd that no one really liked to the bully that no one really likes. Vito and Chris weigh in on how Scott and Danielle got into a huge argument and Scott ended up following her around the house harassing her. Has Scott lost his mind? Also with Morgan winning the power of veto, she used it on herself leaving Kryssie to put up another nominee. Kryssie chose to put up Whitney.

The guys talk about how Justin could be possibly switching sides as Whitney has talked to Justin about how Neeley was bad for his game. Vito and Chris also discuss the future care packages that America gets to vote on and how big America has been this season. They bring up the numbers from this week’s eviction vote and talk about how America could possibly be the swing vote in the end to send one of the three nominees home. Vito and Chris give their thoughts on the nominees as well and who they think will be going home this week on Big Brother Over the Top.

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