Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Podcast Episode 11: Rise of the Bungalow

chris and vito


On this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany, “Power of” Vito and Chris talk about the big eviction of one of the Ball Smashers. The Ball Smasher that was evicted was one of Chris’ favorites, Scott. Scott was evicted over Morgan and Shelby. Vito and Chis talk about Scott’s bucket list that he had in the Big Brother house and how much of it he really did accomplish. With the Ball Smashers losing a member, this next Head of Household competition was a big one.

The competition was another timed competition and the winner of this Head of Household, by a land slide, was Shelby. With the Ball Smashers in power, Whitney, who now looks like a floater, does not know where her head is at and which side of the house she should be on. This week’s America’s Care Package is Co-HoH. Vito and Chris weigh in on who they think will get the Care Package and how it will impact, not just this week, but the game too. The guys also talk about how Kryssie keeps getting upset over every little thing the Ball Smashers do right.

Big Brother has also won an award at the Reality TV Awards. The guys talk about the award and how it could reflect on the show. Chis and Vito also talk about the house guests ratings and how Whitney has dropped in the rankings and how Danielle is slowly creeping up because of the fact that she is finally starting to play the game of Big Brother. They also weigh in on whether the power in the house will shift back into the direction of the Ball Smashers. You will also hear about Vito and Chris’ predictions for who the nominees will be this week and who America’s nominee will be as well. Make sure to listen to this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany.

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