Big Brother and the Holding Kompany Episode 17: Awaiting The Fallout

chris and vito


On this episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany, “Power of” Vito and Chris talk about what has happened in the house during the final four week. With the final episode approaching on the houseguests very quickly, things got crazy in the house. Jason won another Head of Household competition, putting himself automatically into the final three for this season. Jason, as Head of Household this week gets to pick one person to guarantee there spot into the final three as the Safety Ceremony, and that person was Kryssie. So two of the final three are chosen and it is down between Justin and Morgan to battle for the last spot for the week.

The guys start to reflect upon this season of Big Brother Over the Top and talk about some of their favorite houseguests. One of those houseguests being Shelby. They talk about who her game compares to and how good of a game she did play. They also reflect upon the houseguests from this season and how they were chosen to be on the show. Vito and Chris also talk about the houseguests games this season and how the houseguests really were more entertainers this season then game players. They do talk about the few people this season that did play the game strong and were real “gamers” compared to the others.

With everything on the line, Justin and Morgan faced off in a competition to see who would go to the final three and the winner of this competition was Morgan. Morgan was the third and final houseguest to advance to the final three and Justin was evicted from the Big Brother house. The guys give their final predictions for who they believe will win the game as Finale night. Make sure to tune in to the Finale of Big Brother Over the Top and listen for the next and final episode of Big Brother and the Holding Kompany this season.


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