Big Brother and the Holding Kompany: It All Came Down To This

chris and vito


On the thrilling first season finale of Big Brother: Over the Top and Big Brother and the Holding Kompany, “Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley jump right into the results of finale night. In a season where almost every single prediction of these two Big Brother fanatics turned out to be wrong, it is only fitting they end up being wrong about one more thing in classic Big Brother fashion because as Julie Chen always says, the motto of Big Brother is “expect the unexpected”. Jason, a returning house guest and fan favorite did not end up winning the season’s $250,000 grand prize like the guys were absolutely positive about. Instead, it was Morgan, one half of the season’s set of secret twins. Her sister, the self-proclaimed super-fan/gamer/nerd Alex just had to watch on the sidelines as Morgan got blasted with victory confetti (that Jason tried to pick up on his way out).

You got to see all of your favorites return for the finale. Scott brought his awkward virgin self and had to watch a video of Alex saying Scott’s crush on her was annoying, and everybody saw Shelby cry. House guests were also reminded that they lived with a guy named “Cornbread” and Shane came by with a brand new haircut. Also BB18 fans…YOUR BOY Paul showed up at the very end with Day.

“Power of” Vito and Chris Stanley had a ball watching the feeds all season and keeping up on every possible detail of the game and making new friends like Big Brother 18 house guest Natalie Negrotti, who stopped by for Episode 12 (which you should listen to immediately if you haven’t already). The Over the Top experiment looks to be a success according to “Power of” Vito, Chris Stanley and the online community. Thank you for listening all season and make sure to stay subscribed for surprise episodes with interviews of former house guests all off-season. Updates will also be provided on “Power of” Vito’s Twitter @VitoCalise, Chris Stanley’s Twitter @TrumpCuck and @BBHKPodcast.

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