Better Headlines: Herman Cain Drops Out of the Race

The Daily News: No Cain Do

The New York Post:   No Herm Done



These headlines are okay, but is this the best they could do!?  Herman Cain has been one of the wackiest candidates we’ve seen in awhile, and now he is out of the race after allegations of affairs and sexual harassment.   He delivered pizzas…he featured smoking in his campaign.  We have to be able to come up with Better Headlines.  Here are some of our picks:

  • The Godfather Through
  • Harass-Meant No Nomination For Cain
  • Herman Done-Ster
  • Harass-Meant No Nomination For Cain
  • Herman Out.  Two Candidates Left In The Odd Name Division, Newt and Mitt
  • Campaign Slain, Cain Can’t Abstain, Must Explain Wife’s Pain